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Help Section

Navigating the course
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The left hand menu will help you to move around the course as well as view your personal account.

While in the course the following navigation will be provided to you.

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During this course you will be asked to complete a series of readings about the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Following each section there are four questions that you must answer successfully before you can enter the next section. In all, there are 6 Sections to complete.

Test Sample:

Click on the answer you feel is correct

1) If you answered the question incorrectly, an X appears at the top.
2) You will then be asked to review the appropiate section again.
3) The correct answer will be shown in green.

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If you use the top navigation in you browser, from time to time you will get an error message. If you do, please use the following steps to correct the problem:

1) Press F5(Internet Explorer) or Hold Down the 'Ctrl' key and press R(Netscape).
2) Press the Refresh button at the top of the web browser.
3) If step one fails, close your browser and open it again. You will be asked to log in again, but your information will be saved.
4) For more serious problems email WHMIS tech support at questions@virtualwhmis.com or phone 1-877-946-4748

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