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Why take WHMIS ?

In Canada, all employers are required by law to provide WHMIS instruction to all employee's who work in contact with, or in proximity to, any materials defined as "hazardous". In each work environment there are a wide range of materials and products which can be hazardous to a worker's health if they are not handled and used properly. Cleaning products, solvents, paints, glues, and toners are just a sample of some of the hazardous materials which, if not used properly, can have adverse health effects.

WHMIS, short form for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, is a nation wide system that was developed to provide a standardized classification system for the control, safe handling, storage, and disposal procedures of hazardous materials in the workplace.

Non Compliance
Many employers are unaware of their legal responsibilities and the potential consequences for non-compliance with OH&S law. Recent changes to Canadian Occupational Health and Safety legislation provide workers' with the "right to know" about the hazards they may encounter on the job. Occupational Health and Safety Law, combined with WHMIS legislation, means that everyone has a right to know about the safety and health hazards of materials used in their workplace.

Penalties and fines for non-compliance are outlined in the various provincial and territorial legislation. Canadian Occupational Health and Safety laws provide that it is the employers responsibility to provide proper instruction respecting a workers' health and safety.

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